Crisis awakens Purpose — Vijay Bhat’s story

Scene 1: One high after another

Scene 2: 40th birthday surprise

Scene 3: From Victim to Thriver

2. He opted to become an ‘Anecdote’ and not remain a ‘Statistic’

Scene 4: Discovering life-purpose

Ambal: What has the cancer roller-coaster taught you?

Ambal: Rapid fire questions

Ambal: Who are your Role models?

Ambal: What is your Vision?

Ambal: How did you handle the pandemic in 2020?

Ambal: What has been your contribution in the wellbeing space?

Ambal: What is your 2021 message?

Vijay and Nilima are a warrior couple who have proven that one can become a role model by beating the odds.

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