Wow, Another day of life!

What is significant in life has changed dramatically over last few weeks… For example, now we are waking up to simply appreciate for seeing one more day of sunlight and staying healthy.

When was the last time we realized significance of each day?

There are always things to be grateful for and gratitude reminds us how beautiful and special our lives are even under stressful situations. Nature has given us a pause in life to reflect on what and who are important in our lives. Slowing down and becoming more grateful can be a powerful tool for navigating the current crisis.

Gratitude is most valuable as a way of honoring and acknowledging someone else.

Gratitude is infectious. When you put out positivity, you get it back tenfold.

Over past few weeks, doctors, medical staff, Police men, vegetable and grocery shops & vendors, bankers, IT staff, Administrative personal and many more are working relentlessly to ensure that essential services are up and running, patients are treated.

Gratitude can be a powerful tool during this pandemic. Leverage this opportunity to thank some one who has made a difference for you especially during the pandemic season or before in your life. You could call them, send a note or share your gratitude in comments section here. You can bring more smiles to the world today. You would also experience contentment and happiness after sharing.

Who would you like to express your gratitude for?



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